Going Global: Professional Learning Sessions

Professional Learning for future-focused schools, committed to developing globally competent staff.

We provide live and online self-paced Professional Learning courses which support Principals, school leadership and classroom educators on the path to Going Global.

We’re not interested in bogging you down in theory, we focus on the practical steps your school can take to become a Globally Competent school, develop Global Citizens and offer engaging Global Ed. Our sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom and cover a wide scope of topics for those that want to deep dive into the exciting world of Global Ed.

Professional Learning Global Ed Courses

Our PL sessions are engaging, practical and packed full of resources. We offer them online via video conferencing so that educators anywhere can access them at a time that suits them.

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All sessions can be adapted and presented as individual sessions for schools. Contact us to organise this.

Self paced, online Professional Development courses

Meg offers a range of online, self paced courses related to different aspects of Global Learning, Packed full of resources and providing a completion certificate, these are the perfect PD option for busy educators in busy schools. And the best part is that they are free to Meg schools!


Planning International, Diversity and Culture Days

International or Culture Days are a wonderful celebration of community, which showcase language programs, as well as honour the cultural and linguistic makeup of schools. They also showcase globally focussed learning experiences to the school community through student lens. This three hour self paced course is a practical guide to planning such events, outlining considerations and resources to help your school host a fantastic event.

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Young Changemaker Education

Taking action on issues or passion and concern is an important life skill for students to develop. This 5 hour self paced course is an introduction to Changemaker Education for educators interested in supporting students to develop agency and being able to 'take action' of issues of interest and concern. A variety of resources are provided to support implementation.



Implementing Global Citizenship into the Classroom

Global Citizenship is an essential skill for all students to develop for their increasingly globalised futures. This 2 hour self paced course is a practical guide to implementing Global Citizenship for educators. It follows on from Global Citizenship: An Introduction.

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Global Citizenship: An Introduction

Global Citizenship skills help students thrive in an interconnected and interdependent world. This 2 hour self paced course is an introduction to Global Citizenship for educators interested in discovering why Global Citizenship is important, which definitions and models exist and how to develop it from a classroom and whole school perspective.

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Developing Globally Competent Schools

Developing Globally Competent Schools

How might we build a whole school culture for Global Competence? How might schools design an eco-system that makes connections to Global Learning across the curriculum and school, breaking down silos and creating a shared vision for, and commitment to, Globally Competent students? This course explores the Going Global, Globally Competent Schools Framework, providing concrete actions for schools to expand Global Learning across a whole school.

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The Going Global Professional Learning sessions include:

  • Internationalising Schools: Overview and Introduction
  • Key Area 1: Vision, Strategy and Implementation
  • Key Area 2: Curriculum and Languages
  • Key Area 3: Resources and Digital Technologies
  • Key Area 4: Programs – Student and School
  • Key Area 5: Community Engagement and Involvement
  • Key Area 6: School Environment and Culture
  • Key Area 7: Professional Learning

Case Study:

Building Intercultural Understanding

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Case Study:

Communicating Vision to Staff and School Community

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