Going Global: Professional Learning Sessions

Professional Learning for future-focused schools, committed to developing globally competent staff.

We provide self-paced Professional Learning courses which Principals, school leadership and classroom educators can complete in their own time to put schools and classrooms on a path to Going Global.

We’re not interested in bogging you down in theory, we focus on the practical steps your school can take to Internationalise your school, develop Global Citizens and focus on Global Ed. Our sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom and cover a wide scope of topics for those that want to deep dive into the exciting world of Global Ed.

Implementing Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is an essential skill for all students to develop for their increasingly globalised futures. This 2 hour self paced course is a practical guide to implementing Global Citizenship for educators. It follows on from Global Citizenship: An Introduction and will be released in early 2021.

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Global Citizenship: An Introduction

This 2 hour self paced course is an introduction to Global Citizenship for educators interested in discovering why Global Citizenship is important, which different definitions and models exist and how to develop it from a classroom and whole school perspective. A certificate of completion is provided.

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Internationalising Your School

A course that takes you through all Key Areas of the Going Global Internationalising Schools Framework, giving you the first steps to internationalise your school. A certificate of completion is provided.

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The Going Global Professional Learning sessions include:

  • Internationalising Schools: Overview and Introduction
  • Key Area 1: Vision, Strategy and Implementation
  • Key Area 2: Curriculum and Languages
  • Key Area 3: Resources and Digital Technologies
  • Key Area 4: Programs – Student and School
  • Key Area 5: Community Engagement and Involvement
  • Key Area 6: School Environment and Culture
  • Key Area 7: Professional Learning

Case Study:

Building Intercultural Understanding

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Case Study:

Communicating Vision to Staff and School Community

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