Going Global: Professional Learning Sessions

Professional Learning for future-focused schools, committed to developing globally competent staff.

Face to face Going Global Professional Learning is provided for all of the Going Global Internationalising Schools Framework, as well as each of the seven Key Areas.

The first session is an introduction into the topic of Internationalisation and explores why it is so important in today’s globalised world. The session also introduces the Framework in detail. For those interested in a deeper dive into any of the Seven Key Areas, individual sessions explore how each area contributes to Internationalisation and suggest practical approaches to do so.


The Going Global Professional Learning sessions include:

  • Internationalising Schools: Overview and Introduction
  • Key Area 1: Vision, Strategy and Implementation
  • Key Area 2: Curriculum and Languages
  • Key Area 3: Resources and Digital Technologies
  • Key Area 4: Programs – Student and School
  • Key Area 5: Community Engagement and Involvement
  • Key Area 6: School Environment and Culture
  • Key Area 7: Professional Learning


Other sessions include:

  • Developing Global Citizenship in the Classroom


Going Global Professional Learning sessions are offered face to face in schools, or remotely via video-conferencing, to individuals, small groups or whole staff sessions. The sessions cover all of the Professional Learning courses listed above. Additionally, self-paced online courses are also available.

Self-paced Going Global Professional Learning Courses

Going Global – Internationalising Your School

A course that takes you through all Key Areas of the Going Global Internationalising Schools Framework, giving you the first steps to internationalise your school.

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Case Study:

Building Intercultural Understanding

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Case Study:

Communicating Vision to Staff and School Community

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