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School Spanish

Give your students the opportunity to connect with Latin America-based teachers and be supported by our world class digital resources

School Mandarin

Give your students the opportunity to connect with China-based teachers and be supported by our world class digital resources

Going Global

Become a Globally Competent school and prepare your students for the future global job market

We inspire students every week with our
Mandarin and Spanish Language Programs

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2,000+ No. of Lessons
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This partnership with Meg Languages allows us to see things that don't just resemble the direct community; it allows us to create a window to the world where a lot of our scholars only have a mirror to the world.

– Dr. Ricki Gibbs, Warner Arts Magnet School

These opportunities that we give students only helps them make better choices and know other cultures as they grow and learn through the grade levels.

– Superintendent Dr. Martinrex Kedziora

What makes Meg such a perfect fit for our school and for this community is that Meg is all about exposure. It's about helping students identify and be exposed not just to a language, but to a language that's rooted in culture.

– Jon Wren, Warner Arts MSAP Coordinator

Why Meg Languages?

  • Sustainability

    The stress around staffing and retaining a World Languages teacher is over. Meg Languages makes sure our schools and their students have access to continuous learning for the long haul. We want World Languages to be an uninterrupted part of your school’s strategy.

  • Intercultural Understanding

    We build global citizens by exposing students to life in the target-language countries. Students are not only developing language skills but gaining curiosity and appreciation of other cultures.

  • Standards-Based

    Meg Languages curriculum is written in adherence to the ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. We have even made state-specific accommodations where necessary and have an IB-aligned approach.

  • Fun

    We have been teaching online for over a decade! Meg Language teachers have mastered the art of engaging students and making language learning fun for everyone, including teachers.

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