Mandarin Elementary

Our Mandarin programs will unlock in your students a lifelong passion for Chinese language and culture!
Empower student-led language learning in ‚Äčthe classroom using emerging technology.
Language & Culture
Immerse students in live language and culture ‚Äčexperiences guided by in-country teachers.

Why choose Journeys?

For schools that want to leverage the latest technology in language education.
Gamified Pathways
Engage students through dynamic, self-directed learning experiences and 3D gaming.
Designed for Schools
Schools-first design informed by the latest pedagogy and cognitive science.
Flexible Learning
Accommodate diverse learning styles with inclusive design.
Comprehensive Data and Analytics
Track learning outcomes at the individual, classroom, school, and district level.

Why choose Language & Culture?

For schools who want to harness the power of live lessons!
Interactive Sessions!
Students connect with an in-country teacher over video conferencing software.
Diverse Resources
Students have access to a mountain of resources that support and contextualize their learning.
Intercultural Learning
Real-time lessons from native speakers offer authentic and immersive cultural experiences.
Sustainable & Scalable
Our program ensures a consistent source of teachers that can be expanded across all classrooms!

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