Language and Culture

The only meaningful pathway for your students to learn Spanish and Mandarin. A strong ‘why’ that stems from connections with our team in Latin America and China. Engage and retain like never before.

Our Language & Culture programs will unlock in your students a lifelong passion for Spanish and Mandarin.

Removing all the headaches from the World Languages Curriculum

We provide access to high quality teachers who are in-country along with a best practice languages curriculum so school Principals can focus on what they do best - running their schools.

  • Engaging with a Local

    Students connect with a Latin America or China-based teacher over video conferencing software to deliver new language and intercultural learning, as well as supporting students in their speaking and listening skills.

  • Scalability - Let's Grow Together

    Our program has the capacity to be rolled out to every classroom within your school or district at the same time. As your world language needs grow, we will grow with you, offering a part of the curriculum that will always be best-practice.

  • Sustainable source of language teachers

    Your language program will not be limited by what teaching resources you have locally available and your program can not be affected by the sudden departure of a staff member. Never worry about your world language program again.

  • Cost - effective

    Our language programs are typically 36% cheaper than offering a traditional language program. When applied broadly at a district level, our programs become even more economical.

  • Immersed in Diverse Resources

    Students have access to a mountain of resources that support and contextualize their learning. These include both Virtual and Augmented Reality tasks, lesson recordings, chatbots, project based learning, quizzes, in-country 360 videos all designed to support students to succeed in Spanish.

  • Professional Learning for Classroom Teachers

    Classroom teachers with no previous Spanish or Mandarin experience will thrive as they go on the learning journey together with their students. Meg provide Professional Development sessions throughout the year to nurture a staff wide interest in learning a language and becoming Globally Competent.

Key features