We're on a mission to create global citizens through language and intercultural experiences

Our Purpose

Creating a more interconnected, peaceful, and empathetic world for all.

Our Story

Early Days

Meg co-founders Tom Shugg and Sam Dean started sharing ideas in primary school, when they were just 11 years old.

The Adventure Begins!

15 years later we started My Chinese Tutor from the spare room in Tom’s Beijing apartment. With one team member, we hustled to find customers and work out how a business can grow.

Forging School Partnerships

Online teaching was working with private students but schools presented a great opportunity for our idea to develop. Finding access to high quality language teachers is a problem faced by many schools and little Yea Primary School in Victoria, Australia was the very first school to say ‘yes’ to us

A Team of Legends

With a growing teaching team we also needed to up our game with program management, curriculum development, sales and marketing. This meant more people and more good times.

A Major Milestone

Word of our program spread to the UK, so we quickly sunk our teeth into the opportunity and introduced schools to the mission of Meg!

Building Intercultural Experiences

We broadened our offering to include immersion school camps and international tours for teachers and students.

New Horizons

The US was calling and we were delighted to discover that finding high quality foreign language teachers is just as hard in the Bronx as it was elsewhere in the world.

Expanding Our Reach

To make the most of the opportunities presented to us in the US we set up shop in Nashville, TN and recruited a team of superstars to push Meg to the next level.

Embracing New Opportunities

We now had the capability to teach languages in any country across any timezone in the world, so we decided it was time to take on a new challenge and develop a Spanish language program.

Exciting Times Ahead

With our global footprint firmly in place, and excited about the chance to share our offerings with lots of new people, we have re-branded the company. We are Meg – ready to connect your classrooms to the rest of the world!

The team at Meg are ready to extend your classrooms beyond their four walls

With our global footprint firmly in place, we are excited about the chance to share our offerings with lots of new people. We’re dedicated to providing students with immersive, innovative cultural experiences that will positively impact their futures.

The Meg Experience

Every day, we connect thousands of students with our Spanish and Mandarin teachers for intercultural learning experiences that engage and empower.

With Meg, any school can use technology to solve all the headaches around World Language provision

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