Meg’s Diversity,
Inclusion and Equity Position

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity are core to Meg’s goals and values.

Our dream is to create a more interconnected, peaceful, and empathetic world for all. We strive to develop Global Citizens through language and intercultural experiences. We immerse our students in the culture of our target language, ensuring that our students learn with, instead of about Latin-American or Chinese culture.

Our Meg Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Framework is integral to this effort. The framework adopts an approach that:

  • Celebrates diversity through ensuring that multiple identities are represented
  • Fosters inclusion through respecting a myriad of perspectives
  • Promotes equity through ensuring full participation of all our stakeholders

We believe that implementing this framework in all aspects of our business - from teaching, curriculum planning, and school partner relationships - strengthens us as an organisation. It also fosters a sense of belonging amongst our Meg community, and in turn, contributes to a collaborative and peaceful global community.

Meg’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Framework


Guided by our framework articulated above,
we employ the following practices:

Recognising diversity

  • We respect and value the diversity of our staff and students. This includes, but is not limited to, people who are:
    • - culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) or people of color (POC)
    • - live with disability or who are differently-abled
    • - of diverse gender identities and sexualities
    • - who live with medical or mental health conditions
    • - who are socio-economically disadvantaged
  • We ensure that all our teaching and promotional materials celebrate and reflect diversity
  • We respect differences and value the contributions of all our staff, students and other stakeholders

Working inclusively

  • We acknowledge contributions from our staff, students, and partner school communities by providing opportunities for professional development and collaboration
  • We ensure that our program is cost effective, and this encourages participation from prospective and current schools. Our program also ensures that geographical, cultural, social, or economic barriers do not disadvantage schools from accessing Meg
  • We foster an inclusive workplace culture which provides a culturally safe environment where all our stakeholders from all cultural backgrounds are respected and included
  • We underpin and review our curricula and pedagogical practices regularly in order to ensure respect and inclusion. Areas of focus include socio-emotional learning (SEL) and culturally responsive teaching.

Approaching equity

  • We embrace and celebrate new initiatives that foster diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • We strive to create an organisation that is innovative and constantly evolving in order to maintain our equity goals
  • We encourage meaningful participation of diverse student and partner school voices, which then informs our curricula and pedagogical innovations