Culture Quest

Leap into the future of education with an immersive Virtual Reality experience that takes students to the Great Wall of China!

Embark on a Virtual Journey through the Great Wall

Students will be participating in a digital adventure set on the Great Wall of China. Time has stopped on the eve of the Lunar New Year and our young adventurers will need to complete 12 missions as they interact with all 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac in order to “unfreeze” time and bring in the new year.

The Quest

This digital Culture Quest will bring Augmented Reality into the classroom prior to students having one hour to join our digital space either by tablet, laptop or Virtual Reality headset. As students roam the digital landscape and explore the Great Wall they will have to apply their cultural knowledge of China to pass the missions along the way. Time is not on anyone’s side so collaboration and problem solving are essential!

Ready to start exploring?