Culture Quest

Leap into the future of education with an immersive digital experience that takes students to the Great Wall of China!

Welcome to Culture Quest—where education meets adventure!

Culture Quests combine digital gaming with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360° video experiences. Students only need access to a digital device (Chromebook, iPad, laptop, etc.) to be transported to the Great Wall of China. Through interactive missions and cultural challenges, students will embark on a thrilling journey to “unfreeze” time and bring in the Lunar New Year!

Embark on a Virtual Journey through the Great Wall!

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, time has stopped, and it’s up to your students to save the day! With 12 exciting missions and encounters with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, students will explore the depths of Chinese culture while solving puzzles and collaborating in a race against time.

What will your students love about Culture Quest?

Meg Culture Quests are designed for optimal engagement, fun, and learning.

  • Gamified Cultural Learning

    Your students will love immersing themselves in an exciting adventure as they explore Chinese cultural beliefs and practices through a virtual avatar that they select. This gamified approach makes learning about culture fun and engaging, helping to keep students motivated and interested.

  • Self-Guided Learning

    Your students will enjoy a sense of independence and control over their learning experience as they embark on their own paths through the Culture Quest, completing activities at their own pace. This increased agency can help to promote a sense of ownership and motivation in their learning journey.

  • Visually Exciting Learning Environment

    Your students will be captivated by the visually stunning naturalistic map featured in the Culture Quest. With an imagined version of the Great Wall of China, a calming forest, a bamboo grove, cute animals, and culturally-appropriate monuments and decorations, this visually exciting learning environment will spark curiosity and wonder.

  • Rewarding Learning Experience

    The Culture Quest deploys an engaging narrative that leads to a sense of accomplishment after students complete a challenging and unique set of culturally-relevant tasks. Your students will feel rewarded for their hard work and be motivated to continue their learning journey.

  • Peer Collaboration

    Your students will have the opportunity to virtually interact with their peers near and far while in the Culture Quest. This promotes communication skills and positive, shared learning experiences that help students support one another and enjoy a communal sense of responsibility for their learning success.

  • Lower Learner Anxiety

    The Culture Quest provides a learning environment that helps minimize learner anxiety, allowing multiple attempts and letting students discover Chinese culture without fear of making mistakes or being judged. In this supportive space, students are empowered to take risks and grow from their learning experiences.

See Culture Quest in Action!

Witness the excitement and engagement that Culture Quest brings to classrooms. Check out these snapshots of students immersed in the adventure!

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