Make language learning an adventure!

Journeys is a gamified, culturally-immersive, self-paced platform designed to build confidence and language proficiency in school-aged students.

Languages We Offer:

Why choose Journeys for your classroom?

Empower students with an immersive, research-driven ​platform that puts learning in their hands!
Gamified Pathways
Engage students through dynamic, self-directed learning experiences and 3D Gaming based cultural immersion. We leverage AI, VR and AR, to provide transformative language learning experiences.
Comprehensive Data and Analytics
Visibility of learning outcomes at the individual, classroom, school and network level. Educators always need to know what is working and what needs improving. We value that.
Designed for Schools
Schools-first design informed by the latest pedagogy and cognitive science. We know schools and we know how to overcome challenges that typically surround World Language programs.
Accessible Learning
Journeys offers an inclusive design that aligns with accessibility standards, providing an equitable learning experience for all students.

The Journeys Platform

Our user-friendly interface is designed with intuitive, innovative ​features that make language learning more engaging and effective!
AI generated characters:

A relatable, similarly-aged character ​sets the scene and guides ​students on their language journey.

Language Journey:

Pre-recorded, interactive video ​delivers authentic language and culture ​content. Along the way, the video will ​pause with a popup question to check ​for understanding before proceeding.

Journeys Snapshot:

A place for students to write or draw notes in a way that is meaningful to them, based on what they have just learned.

Learning Arcade:

A place where new content is ​reinforced through a series of language ​retention games focusing on new ​vocabulary including listening.

Pronunciation Studio:

Students practice their pronunciation ​and receive real-time feedback on how ​well they pronounced words or phrases.

Ziggy the Chatbot:

Students practice reading ​comprehension, writing, and ​speaking with our AI chatbot.

Journey Challenge:

Students are challenged to apply their ​newly-acquired language skills.

Key Features

Courses are scoped and sequenced to align with each state’s curriculum, ACTFL and the International Baccalaureate.

Our platform leverages experiential learning, SEL, IBL, and ​reflective learning practices to foster a dynamic, student-centric experience.

Journeys immerses students in authentic cross-cultural ​experiences that celebrate diversity, and foster inclusivity and ​respect within their language learning adventures.

Each lesson is a product of in-depth research, designed by educators with 60 years of combined experience. Our platform utilizes the latest educational insights and pedagogical findings, ensuring a truly enriching learning experience.

From exam insights to tracking course progress, our platform provides invaluable data about your students’ performance and achievements.

Dive into product efficacy and student proficiency with our assessment tools, which are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of your students.

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