Case Study: Communicating Vision to Staff and School Community

By Meglanguage | 6 May 2020

The key to ensure a successful buy-in for schools is to make sure all relevant parties understand the vision and the steps that will be taken to implement the Meg language and culture program to their classrooms, this is done by consistently communicating vision to staff and school community. It is essential to consider the best way to communicate and consult with the different parties: students, educators, parents and community. Prior to commencement, Meg will provide a detailed roadmap and makes sure everyone has a clear image on the larger aims of the program and how they will be achieved.


Marist Catholic College, North Shore (St Mary’s Campus) is a private school and part of the Sydney Catholic Schools network which educates more than 63,000 students across 152 schools.


To engage the school and community in this new way of learning, Meg provided demonstration language lessons to the school’s leadership team as well as to the parent community. Meg also, as it does with all its schools, provided professional learning sessions at the start of the year and will do so in the middle of the year to all classroom teachers so they can get the most out of the program and feel supported.



The Meg language program has had a more than successful launch, with teachers and students describing the learning as authentic, engaging and enjoyable. Students are captivated by learning about the culture of China, the language and the virtual global connection. On top of this, staff capacity building and support for implementation of the program is well organised, thorough and flexible.”

– Sean White, Assistant Principal at Marist Catholic College, North Shore