Journeys Beta Program

Be the first to pilot our new K12 language learning platform!

What is the Journeys Beta Program?

The Journeys Beta Program is an exclusive opportunity for educators to get early access to our innovative language learning platform before its official release. As a beta tester, you’ll have the unique advantage of experiencing firsthand our gamified, self-paced learning environment designed specifically for K12 learners.

Why join the Journeys Beta Program?

Here’s what being a Journeys beta tester means for you and your students:

  • Be the first to explore and utilize Journeys

    Dive into Journeys with your students and integrate this groundbreaking language learning experience into your teaching practice.

  • Provide direct, meaningful feedback

    Your experiences and insights are incredibly valuable to us. Share your thoughts on how Journeys can better meet the needs of your educational goals, curriculum integration, and student engagement.

  • Influence our product development

    You'll have a unique role in shaping the future of Journeys. Your input will help us create a language learning tool that is both enjoyable for students and effective in achieving educational outcomes.

  • Gain access to resources and support

    Benefit from direct access to the Journeys team and exclusive resources designed to help you get the most out of the platform, like new features and personalized support.

Meet Journeys: AI-Powered Language Learning

Learn more about our new platform, and why it’s the ideal solution for schools who want to enhance their World Languages curriculum with engaging, immersive experiences.

Your adventure with Journeys starts today!

Sign up for our Journeys Beta Program and shape the future of language learning for students around the world.