Live Language Lessons

Connect your students with real-time Spanish and Mandarin instruction—all through video conferencing software!

Our in-country language teachers make learning interactive and culturally immersive. Unlock in your students a lifelong passion for Spanish and Mandarin, without leaving the classroom!

Removing all the headaches from the World Languages Curriculum

We provide access to high-quality, in-country teachers, along with a best-practice languages curriculum, so school Principals can focus on what they do best—running their schools.
Engaging with a Local
Students connect with a Latin America or China-based teacher over video conferencing software to deliver new language and intercultural learning, as well as supporting students in their speaking and listening skills.
Sustainable Source of Language Teachers
Your language program will not be limited by what teaching resources you have locally available and your program cannot be affected by the sudden departure of a staff member. Never worry about your world language program again.
Scalability: Let's Grow Together!
Our program has the capacity to be rolled out to every classroom within your school or district at the same time. As your world language needs grow, we will grow with you, offering a part of the curriculum that will always be best-practice.
A Cost-Effective Solution
Our language programs are typically 36% cheaper than traditional models. When applied broadly at a district level, our programs become even more economical.
Immersive, Diverse Resources
Students have access to a mountain of resources that support and contextualize their learning. These include both Virtual and Augmented Reality tasks, lesson recordings, project-based learning, quizzes, in-country 360 videos, and more—all designed to support students to succeed in Spanish and Mandarin.
Professional Learning for Classroom Teachers
Classroom teachers with no previous Spanish or Mandarin experience will thrive as they go on the learning journey together with their students. Meg provides Professional Development sessions throughout the year to nurture a staff-wide interest in learning a language and becoming Globally Competent.

Key Features

Scoped and sequenced modules from K-12 align with the ACTFL World Foreign Language Readiness Standards.

Meg provides a combination of interactive lessons with a Latin America or China-based teacher and coursework that can be self-paced or supported by classroom teachers.

Meg facilitates a combination of oral, listening, and written assessments in both summative and formative formats. Internal assessment occurs through inquiry-based learning.

Our teachers participate in rigorous training to instill appropriate pedagogical principles and receive ongoing feedback and professional learning sessions.

Meg equips classroom teachers with the resources and knowledge to support the delivery of Spanish or Mandarin at your school.

Our custom LMS allows all student and teacher materials to be accessed online. Virtual Reality culture quests and gamification are what sets us apart from everyone else.

A US-based support team will be dedicated to the needs of your school and take care of all tasks related to scheduling, technical support, training and feedback sessions.

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This partnership with Meg Languages allows us to see ​things that don’t just resemble the direct community; it ​allows us to create a window to the world where a lot ​of our scholars only have a mirror to the world.

– Dr. Ricki Gibbs, Warner Arts Magnet School

What makes Meg such a perfect fit for our school and for this community is that Meg is all about exposure. It’s about helping students identify and be exposed not just to a language, but to a language that’s rooted in culture.

– Jon Wren, Warner Arts Magnet School

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