Case study: Leadership committed to internationalising

Mernda Primary School is one of the fastest growing primary schools in Australia and has increased its student population 10 fold since it began it's cooperation with Meg. One of the appeals of working with Meg is we could evolve to meet the ever increasing needs of the school. Take a look at our journey together.

Grades 5 and 6 pilot the Meg Chinese Language Program.

Grades 5 and 6 rollout the Chinese Language Program in 6 classrooms.

Learning Chinese will definitely provide more opportunities for the children in the future. It gives them that global look on life, because children need to connect with the real world and they learn by making those connections; and that’s what this program’s doing: it’s making those connections with the real world; and the possibilities are endless now that hopefully in the future we can link with a school in China and things like that, so there is a lot of potential just coming from this one program.

- Lynda Thompson, Principal at Mernda Primary School (2014)

Prep and Grade 1 rollout of School Language Program in 22 classrooms.

School conducts a Chinese Cultural Celebration Week in Prep, Grade 1 and 5 and 6 that includes a Virtual Excursion to Beijing.

Full school rollout of School Language Program in 41 classrooms.

“Introducing a new Chinese program for a school of Mernda’s size was only made possible through the support and guidance provided by Meg. With all 41 of our classroom teacher’s working in the program in 2016, our staff were offered the opportunity, to experience first hand, the culture, colours and lifestyles of China. We visited our sister school, met with our Chinese teachers and saw many iconic sights and landmarks. Mernda teachers brought home enthusiasm and new first hand knowledge that assisted our school to teach students about the Chinese culture and support the online Meg LOTE program. We enjoyed it so much that we will be participating in our second China trip in 2017!”

- Yoong Chin, Leading Teacher and LOTE coordinator

13 classroom teachers visited China and their sister school in Tianjin self-funded through Meg Tours.

School conducts their second Chinese Cultural Celebration week that includes cooking, dance, traditional folktales, Kung Fu and art activities for all students.

“China is a place that I never thought I would go. However the trip organised by Meg Tours was nothing short of amazing. The attention to detail that was put into every day made us feel like we were always doing something but never rushed. Whether it was experiencing our own little piece of the Great Wall or feasting on some delicacies, there was never a point where we felt uncomfortable. To give it 10/10 for all the experiences and life long stories and memories we have simply wouldn’t do it justice. If there is a right way to experience China, then this it.”

“Experiencing a Chinese class-room in real time was a great honour, so many aspects that are different to ours with the one great similarity, kids being excited to learn! Priceless experience.”

- Mernda Classroom Teachers

School Language Program in 43 classrooms and second Trip to China with Principal.

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