Vlog: Leading Networks of Schools for Global Citizenship Education

By Lottie Dowling | 19 January 2023

Hear Craig Jervies, from Trinity Luthern College, Mildura, Victoria share his experience implementing and supporting the schools annual Project Based Learning, student event “China World Expo.”

Lottie Dowling is the Manager of Going Global at Meg. Lottie has worked for over twenty years in education as a school practitioner and professional learning leader on global, national and regional levels and has worked in six countries around the globe, including a decade in China. As a leader in professional learning she has run networks of schools with educators working on pedagogical change and school improvement, facilitated educators development of global learning, global competency and intercultural understanding both nationally and internationally. She speaks Chinese and has a strong interest in Languages education. She feels passionately about the way education shapes society and believes we all can truly engage the next generation to achieve their maximum potential through it. She can be found at @LottieDowlingNZ.

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