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By Meglanguage | 11 August 2022

With a Meg Languages program, your students experience regularly interacting with a native speaker on the ground in China or Latin America, which is the next closest thing to being there. When students are shown outside and can see the sky-scrapers, snow on the ground and differences in living, their curiosity and motivation to learn naturally increases.All concerns about language teacher shortages can be eliminated with our program, as we solve the headaches that Principals are faced with when trying to find and retain language teachers. Our ability to guarantee language provision has allowed us to grow to a point where we inspire tens of thousands of students every week – including other Catholic Schools all around Australia. Meg presents a truly sustainable language program that can merge with a school’s long-term strategic vision. One of the most successful elements of our program is that we involve your generalist classroom teachers in the learning journey. All classroom teachers receive extensive professional learning and participate in the class along with the students. In time, they will also have the opportunity to travel abroad to further their knowledge of different languages and cultures. When the staff learn a new language alongside the students, it allows the language to be embedded within the school in a way that simply isn’t possible under a more traditional framework.All staff and students have access to our digital learning platform which provides complimentary video materials, game-based revision activities, flashcards and expansion tasks.  These activities can be participated in as a whole class or in a self-paced format, and can be accessed through Canvas or Google Classroom – whatever suits your school. Our digital learning platform and curriculum are scoped and sequenced to take students on a consistent learning pathway from one year to the next. All of our curriculum-related content has been developed in-house to ensure our program meets the highest state-specific curriculum standards, including IB curriculum. Our program is also fully assessable, with all grades, rubrics and even generic report comments provided for you. 

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