Student Action Workshops

Empowering students to create lasting impact in their communities

Introducing the One-Day Student Action Program by Meg

This transformative program empowers students to become Architects of Change in their communities. Through a unique blend of online and offline learning, our program nurtures critical and creative thinking for Global Citizenship initiatives within your school.

Ignite Change with Two Powerful Formats:

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Join us for an immersive event where students utilize Design Thinking and Digital Storytelling to create real solutions that promote inclusivity in their school and local community, embracing the richness of cultural and linguistic diversity.



Engage your classroom in an impactful event where students harness Design Thinking to collectively uncover opportunities for leveraging “tech for good” in addressing local issues close to their hearts. Students will identify how to create digital content across platforms for positive changes in areas they are passionate about.

Empower Your Students With Essential Skills

What will they gain from our One Day Program?

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

    Through our program, students will sharpen their critical and creative thinking abilities as they navigate real-world issues, analyze information, and generate innovative solutions.

  • Collaboration

    By engaging in collaborative activities and group projects, students will enhance their teamwork and communication skills, learning to effectively collaborate with their peers to achieve common goals.

  • Design Thinking

    Our program immerses students in the Design Thinking process, fostering their creativity, problem-solving, and empathy skills, enabling them to design impactful solutions that address local challenges.

  • Media Literacy

    Students will develop media literacy competencies, gaining proficiency in utilizing online technologies, social media platforms, and digital storytelling techniques to amplify their ideas and messages, effectively leveraging the power of technology for positive change.

Take the first step towards empowering your students and driving meaningful change!

Enrol them in our program today and unlock their limitless potential