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Glendora USD's Success with Meg's Language & Culture Programs

By Team Meg | 26 March 2024

Ahead of the 2023/2024 school year, Dr. Sara Najarro (Executive Director of Teaching, Learning, and Accountability for Glendora Unified School District) recognized her district’s desire for world language and culture enrichment. She found Meg!

The Opportunity

Dr. Najarro knew the students and parents in the Glendora Unified School District would be interested in Spanish and Mandarin language and culture lessons, aligning perfectly with our own core values of providing empowering education and global citizenship.

When the new programming was announced, parents jumped at the opportunity to enroll their children. Interest was so high, that every school had to create a waiting list for interested families.


As with any large-scale implementation, it takes a team!

The Glendora schools identified the teachers who would be facilitating their live lessons. They also tapped language team leaders at each school location who would serve as an additional resource for their teachers and the Meg team.

Each school opted to do an after-school programs across grades 1st through 5th. Additionally, Sutherland included Kindergarten for 3 classrooms during their regular school day. All groups met with Meg language teachers weekly.

“I feel confident and excited – I love language lessons.”

– Cullen Elementary School Student


“By using Meg Languages we not only expand our students’ language proficiency but also nurture empathy, cultural appreciation, and cognitive flexibility. Meg Languages empowers our students to embrace the world with open hearts and minds, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and meaningful interactions with all.”

– Sara Najarro, Executive Director Teaching, Learning, & Accountability
Glendora Unified School District

The Impact

And the best part?

Students and Glendora teachers alike are enjoying Meg’s language and culture program.

When surveyed, students described the program as fun, happy, and great! One teacher noted what we’ve known all along—it’s fun connecting with someone in another country! Cullen teacher Catherine McWilliams added, “I have been learning a lot! It has been a growth opportunity for me personally.”

The success of our language and culture program in Glendora USD illustrates how embracing diversity through language and cultural exchange can enrich students’ educational journeys, fostering a sense of global community and mutual understanding, and prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. We’re thrilled that students, staff, and parents are enjoying our language lessons!


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