The Global Educators you should be following in 2022


By Lottie Dowling | 19 January 2022

As 2022 dawns, Global Ed continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in education. While it has long been true that we live in an interconnected and interdependent world, it is transparently obvious now to everyone as we collectively navigate our world marked by the Covid-19 Pandemic. This makes the case for Global Learning even more important than ever.

Across 2021 I was lucky enough to work on several innovative Global Ed events, including the k20Educators first TwitterSpaces Conference and a range of conferences on the Clubhouse social media app, including leading The SDGs for Global Citizenship event. Through these and other projects, I met educators around the globe doing some amazing work in their schools, classrooms and organisations.

At the end of 2020, I wrote a blog identifying 9 Educators who were leading the field in Global Education. One year on, I’d like to share the inspiring Global Educators I’ve come to know in the last year. They work across a whole range of areas within Global Education, however, they are all passionate, committed educators leading the field and making a difference in their respective areas.



The Educators:

Andrea Sanchez Aguirre is a Web3 educator who works in the #DEJI and ADHD space in Texas, USA. She is an ex-classroom educator who founded La Gente Apoya, the equity group who are currently co-creating a LatinX Documentary about the LatinX community in the school-to-prison pipeline, where LatinX peoples are over-represented. She is an active participant in Twitter Chats and also regularly hosts/cohosts rooms in Clubhouse and is one of the most generous educators I’ve come across.

Twitter: @AguirreLearns          Instagram/Clubhouse: @Aguirrelearns


Annie Woolard is an ex-classroom educator and the founder of Footprints on the Globe and a Teach SDG Ambassador. Her knowledge of the SDGs is inspiring, as is her passion for working with schools in Australia to build Global Citizenship through the SDGS.  She also supports the international SDG Ambassador teacher networks with material design.

Twitter/Clubhouse: @Anniewoollard


Breanna Heels was one of the 2021 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize top 10 finalists for her work with Changemaker Classrooms. Each month this network of educators around the globe get an email with resources to focus on a different SDG. She is a Canadian Vice Principal who is also a @NatGeo Grosvenor Fellow who believes building students’ love of nature and the environment is essential. 

Twitter: @BreannaHeels


Bronwyn Joyce is the founder of Our Global Classroom and won The AKS Global Teacher Award 2020. She is the founder of The Global Write that provides weekly writing challenges that students can write about the world ‘with the world’, through a global network of educators. She works with educators across Victoria, Australia and globally with her different projects.

Twitter: @JoyceBronwyn          Clubhouse: @bronwynjoyce


D’arcy Lunn is the Group Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship with the Dulwich Group of Schools and the founder of Teaspoons of Change. He works with this network of schools to effect positive changes for both people and the planet. As a strong advocate for the importance of networks, he co-founded the Global Citizenship Collective, which brings organisations and educators together to support each other to effect change in this area.

Twitter: @lunndarcy


Inspire Citizens Steve Sostak, Aaron Moniz, Scott Jamieson each deserve a post here in their own right, but are also the crew behind Inspired Citizens.

Recently acknowledged in the HundrED’s 2022 Education Innovations, Inspire Citizen uniquely approaches Global Citizenship through a future-focussed lens, focussed on developing an equitable and sustainable future for all. They also produce the Empathy to Impact Podcast that interviews students, showing they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to advocating student voice. Having undertaken PD with them I can vouch that their work is always inspiring, insightful and intelligent. Just what is needed in today’s VUCA world!

Steve -Twitter: @Inspirecitizen1          Aaron/Scott – Twitter/Clubhouse: @inspirecitizen2, @scottyj_onwheels


Maree Whiteley works as a Teaching and Learning Consultant at the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia, with a specific expertise in HASS. She has worked extensively in curriculum development and, more recently, developed a unique PD program for Western Australian school educators, Purposeful Pedagogies: Global Competencies in Action, which includes Project Based Learning.

Twitter: @Mareewhiteley


Vriti Saraf is the founder of the social learning community, k20 Educators and is leading the education community globally with Web3 Education. She is working to break down education silos across countries and connect educators globally using Web3 technologies such as blockchain and the metaverse. She spearheaded the first TwitterSpaces Education conference in 2021, which was a global affair and was scheduled over a whole weekend.

Twitter/Clubhouse: @VritiSaraf


You can also find all these educators, and others, on my Global Educators Twitter List.  All the educators on the original list, The Global Educators You Should be Following, are of course still relevant and there are many others out there. I’d love to hear who your inspiring Global Educators are!

Enjoy building your Global Educators Professional Learning Network/Community this year.

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