The Global Educators you should be following

By Meglanguage | 11 October 2020

Global education is one of the fastest growing areas of education, rapidly gaining momentum, as schools, parents and students all realise that we are living in an increasingly globalised world. In response to Covid-19, educators have been discovering a plethora of opportunities in the areas of Global Education that have opened up through the use of different edtech platforms and tools.

The following people are all thought leaders, trail blazers, education disruptors and badass global-experts in education.  If you’re not yet familiar with them, you need to hit that follow button on your socials and seriously up your game staying abreast on Global Education issues and topics. Alternatively, you can follow my List of Global Educators on Twitter which contains all these educators, but also several others I’ve found inspiring.  There are, of course, many others and I’d love to know who you think they are, however, this is the list of my most inspiring global educators.


Heather Singmaster is the Director, Centre for Global Education and the Global Cities Education Network, at the Asia Society. She previously hosted Education Week‘s Global Learning blog for seven years and has hosted the monthly #globaledchat for over five years, which provides an amazing PLN of people interested in Global Education, but also find many useful resources.

Twitter: @hsingmaster


Homa Sabet Tavangar advises schools and companies on what she describes as global + racial + cultural competence. She has written Growing up Global, The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners and contributed to the World Class Learners series and created the Global Kids activity cards – an amazing, fun resources for schools or home. She is also is the co-founder of the Big Questions Institute.

Twitter: @HomaTav


Jennifer D Klein is the author of The Global Education Guidebook, an excellent text for anyone interested in practical ideas and approaches to global ed. She recently finished up a Principalship at Gimnasio Los Caobos in Bogata and is an expert on Project Based Learning and setting up global partnerships.

Twitter: @jdeborahklein


Dr Jennifer Williams is the Cofounder and Executive Director of Take Action Global, the Co-Founder of TeachSDGs, the Board President at the ISTE Education Leaders PLN and a Professor at the Saint Leo University among many, many other things. She has many published works and articles, including The Global Goals Book and, most recently, Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good.

Twitter: @JenWilliamsEdu


Julie Lindsey is the Associate Director of Digital Learning Innovation, University of Southern Queensland. As a global collaboration expert she founded Flat Connections, which provides online global collaboration projects and has written The Global Educator, a great text for anyone interested in this space.

Twitter: @julielindsay


Kath Kirby is the Director at the Asia Education Foundation, the University of Melbourne and has spearheaded much of work in the Global Education space in Australia over the last few decades. She has worked on numerous projects, including developing the Internationalising Schools guide for Victorian Department of Education and Training and is involved in the Global Education Leaders Project (GELP).

Twitter: @Kathe_Kirby


Lucy Gray is the Director of #edtech at the North Shore County Day School, co-founder of The Global Education Conference (currently not running) and an innovation consultant. Lucy curates and publishes a regular Global Education Report which contains a wealth of stories, resources and information on everything related to Global Education.

Twitter: @elemenous


Dr Tony Wagner is a Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute and held a variety of education and innovation related roles at Harvard University. He is the author of several books, notably, The Global Achievement Gap, which identifies seven future skills needed by students and Most Likely to Succeed, which focussed on preparing students for the ‘innovation era’.

Twitter: @DrTonyWagner


Professor Yong Zhao is a Professor at both the University of Kansas and The Melbourne Graduate School of Education.  He is a prolific writer on education topics, producing work for journal articles and book chapters but has also written 20 books in English and Chinese, notably Teaching Students to Become Self-Determined Learners, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon: Why China has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World and World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students.

Twitter: @YongZhaoEd


As the area of Global Education grows, we see more people and organisations working in this space. I’d love to hear who you are following in this space too!


14 October 2020 | Written by Lottie Dowling


Lottie Dowling is the Manager of Going Global at Meg. Lottie has worked for over twenty years in education as a school practitioner and professional learning leader on global, national and regional levels and has worked in six countries around the globe, including a decade in China. As a leader in professional learning she has run networks of schools with educators working on pedagogical change and school improvement, facilitated educators development of global learning, global competency and intercultural understanding both nationally and internationally. She speaks Chinese and has a strong interest in Languages education. She feels passionately about the way education shapes society and believes we all can truly engage the next generation to achieve their maximum potential through it. She can be found at @LottieDowlingNZ.