Global Citizenship Ambassadors Program

Nurture tomorrow's global leaders and empower your students for positive global impact!

Looking to cultivate a new generation of compassionate and empowered leaders within your school community?

Our students are eager to inspire change but need the right support to make a difference. Our One Year Program offers a transformative solution, empowering your students to become tomorrow’s global leaders, driving positive change both locally and globally.

Inspire Future Changemakers With Meg

What will your students gain from this program?

  • Leadership Development

    Students will develop essential leadership skills, including communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, preparing them for future academic and professional success.

  • Understanding Global Citizenship

    Through intercultural understanding and embracing diversity, students will foster a sense of global citizenship, becoming responsible and compassionate global citizens.

  • Project Management Skills

    The program will equip students with practical project management skills, enabling them to plan, execute, and lead initiatives effectively.

  • Meaningful Community Engagement

    Students will actively engage and connect with their school and local community, amplifying the impact of their initiatives, while fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility.

  • National Network and Collaboration

    Being part of a national cohort, students will collaborate with peers from different regions, building friendships and networks that extend beyond their school.

  • Recognition and Exposure

    As ambassadors, students will have the opportunity to be featured in Meg's media channels, providing recognition for their efforts and inspiring others.

Get Supportive Involvement From Meg!

As an educator, you play a pivotal role in your students’ journey. Our program is supported by a dedicated school educator who serves as the Global Citizenship Coordinator. They will work closely with Meg to guide your students throughout the year, ensuring successful planning and implementation of their projects to the wider school community, with access to resources and an online course to upskill your whole staff.

Streamlined Program Logistics

Our program offers the flexibility to fit within your school’s schedule. With 1-3 meetings per quarter (during the school day), your students will have the freedom to balance their participation with other responsibilities. Optional tasks will also be available for students to complete at their own pace.

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear from previous educators and their students who have participated in the Meg Global Citizenship Student Ambassador Program. Discover how this initiative has transformed their school communities, instilling confidence and passion among their students.

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