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The ultimate language learning solution.

We’ve seamlessly integrated self-paced exploration with live lessons led by in-country language teachers. Transform your classroom into a global language hub!

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Why choose Journeys Live for your classroom?

Bring language and culture to life with this comprehensive program.
Foster Cultural Connections

Students are immersed in language lessons led ​by native-speaking teachers from Latin America ​and China. They experience language as it’s ​spoken authentically in its cultural context.

The Best of Both Worlds

We’ve merged self-paced learning with interactive​ live sessions to meet the unique requirements of​ your students. This multi-faceted approach​ maximizes student engagement and builds​ confidence, igniting a love for language and culture!​

Engaging and Enriching!

Our lessons, both live and on our Journeys ​platform, are interactive, innovative and ​culturally-immersive. We leverage the latest ​technology to offer students a holistic language ​learning experience.

Culture Quest: Game-Based Adventures

Alongside structured learning through Journeys, students can embark on 3D gaming-based “Culture Quests” on the Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu, Peru.

Key Features

Journeys Live adheres to ACTFL World-Readiness Standards, and aligns with the International Baccalaureate framework, ensuring that students receive a diverse, globally-informed experience.

Our teachers are trained in active learning, student-centered pedagogies to ensure they meet the teaching needs of your classroom.

Intercultural understanding is at the core of what we do. Students become immersed in cross-cultural experiences through interactive activities, VR culture quests, in-country teachers, and so much more!

Journeys Live was designed with a research-based approach that incorporates the latest pedagogical findings. The result is an innovative, unique, and effective student-centric program.

Journeys Live offers robust program support. From scheduling to technical support and training, you’ll receive reliable and dependable assistance for your school’s needs.

Journeys Live transforms language learning into an interactive and immersive experience by leveraging AI and XR technology. This also nurtures future-ready skills in digital literacy for success in tomorrow’s world!

Educators love our language learning solutions!

Hear what others have to say about Journeys Live

This partnership with Meg Languages allows us to see ​things that don’t just resemble the direct community; it ​allows us to create a window to the world where a lot ​of our scholars only have a mirror to the world.

– Dr. Ricki Gibbs, Warner Arts Magnet School

Take your school’s language education to the next level!

Transform your classroom with Journeys Live.