Student Ambassadors 2023 Information Page


Here you will find all the program information you need for this year. If you can’t find the information you need or have a different question, please email: [email protected]

This is a one year program that is aimed at equipping a small group of students (Student Ambassadors) working in a school with the support of an educator, with the skills, knowledge and purpose to develop the skills to take action on issues as an informed and empowered Global Citizen.

Dates and Times

Your school will have been told the day/time of your sessions. The day/time will never change and below are the dates for the rest of the year. The dates of sessions are listed the week they take place so please double check your day/time for that week.

Term 1:

  • Session 1/Kick Off Session: Week of 27th March

Term 2:

  • Session 2: Week of 1st May
  • Session 3: Week of 22nd May
  • Session 4: Week of 12th June

Term 3:

  • Session 5: Week of 24th July
  • Session 6: Week of 14th August
  • Session 7: Week of 4th September

Term 4:

  • Session 8:Week of 16th October
  • Session 9:Week of 30th October
  • Final Presentations: Week of 13th November


We use Flip to support the asynchronous learning part of our program. There will be different topics posted at different times which students can respond to and you’ll be notified when a new one is up!

This is a great space for students to learn from others and get feedback on ideas and projects.

It’s a completely moderated space, so nothing is published live (comments or videos) without it being checked first. Students can also use filters, stickers and shapes to be creative and also be anonymous when posting.

All students will be approved to join once names are provided to our team.

Permission Forms

Contact [email protected] for relevant permission forms for students and educators to take part in the program

  • Educators – All states
  • Students – Victoria
  • Students – All states, except Victoria

Assessment Information – Available from March 7th

Project Plans

These will be shared with you to complete in Term 2 as a Google Doc.