Planning International, Culture and Diversity Days

Hosted by Lottie Dowling, Going Global Manager

Length: 60 mins

Audience: Primary and Secondary Educators, School Leaders of all Levels

International, Culture and Diversity Days are a wonderful celebration of community, where schools and students get to showcase their language programs, as well as honour the cultural and linguistic makeup of the school. This event highlights globally focused learning experiences to the wider school community through a student lens.

Leveraging authentic community resources will highlight natural links in students’ immediate environments that already exist to the wider world. Through a series of school activities, performances and showcases, languages, cultures and global learning are celebrated and understood better. Inviting the wider community to participate and appreciate the day’s activities are an important piece in building bridges between schools and their communities.

This session explores how to plan engaging and successful International, Culture or Diversity Days in schools, providing a planning template to do so. It looks at ways to approach designing activities that go beyond surface cultural learning, to real intercultural experiences, including through leveraging digital technologies and including wider community connections.

Participation in this session gains access to Meg’s self-paced online 3 hour PD course, Planning International and Culture Days.

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