By 2020, proficiency in more than one language will be among the most important skills a job seeker can have.

- New American Economy Report 2017

Introduce a Meg Spanish language program at your school using technology already in your classroom. You will be connected to our Latin America based teaching team who provide interactive live lessons for your students.


How does the program work?

We broadcast our Latin American based teachers into your classrooms at the same times each week for live and interactive Meg Spanish lessons. We use equipment you already have in the classroom in combination with easy to use video-conference technology.

Does it meet my curriculum requirements?

Yes! We have a dedicated curriculum team that ensures our curriculum meets the highest State Specific and Country Specific standards.

Why haven’t I heard of the program?

Because many schools like to have a unique point of difference and that’s us! We’ve been teaching to schools globally for 8 years and teach more than 30,000 students every week.

Do you provide follow up activities after the lessons, what about homework?

Yes, we provide everything. Your students and classroom teachers will have access to our custom Learning Management System. Each interactive Meg Spanish lesson is accompanied with a specific set of follow up activities. These activities can be participated in as a whole class or in a self-paced/homework format.

Will my students enjoy learning Spanish with this method?

Yes! Forget any other experience you’ve had running a language program. We guarantee that your students will enjoy learning with our team in Latin America more than any other previous experience. Students will also learn and retain more as they develop a rapport with their teacher.

How many sessions are there per week?

Completely up to you. Our Spanish Language Program for Schools can be taught from Elementary school right through to High School and the weekly appetite for Spanish lessons changes based on the grade. We will work with you to satisfy your goals and your budget.

We have a crowded timetable, how does lesson scheduling work?

It’s easy. At the beginning of the academic year you tell us when you want each class to have their weekly Meg Spanish lessons. Following this, we lock in your preferences. Because of our large team of teachers in Latin America, we can provide the lessons based on your requests.

Do I need a qualified language teacher in the room?

No. One of the most unique aspects of our model is that our program can be supported by a generalist classroom teacher. No prior knowledge of the language is required for teachers who support our interactive language sessions. The program is designed to support the classroom teachers in charge of their Spanish classes.

Can my classroom teachers learn Spanish too?

Of course! One of the most celebrated aspects of our co-teaching model is that your staff will also get the opportunity to learn the language with the students. This is a fantastic professional development experience. Lots of additional Professional Learning sessions are provided for staff that are particularly passionate about developing their language skills.

How much does the program cost?

We charge per classroom, per academic year for our Spanish Language Program for Schools. We pride ourselves on being cost effective, please contact us for details relating to your school.

Is your program suitable for elementary and high school students?

Yes, our program is scoped and sequenced to take students on a consistent learning pathway from their junior years right through to Senior High School.

What are the advantages of learning Spanish over video-conferencing?

Your students will be communicating regularly with their teacher who is actually on the ground in a Latin American country. Our team in Colombia will be able to show your students the streets of Bogota: taking in the mountains, the energy of the city and the subtle differences and similarities between cultures. With this authentic form of communication comes context. This helps students realise why they are learning the language, something which is often missing in language programs.

Is this a lot of extra work to include into a school with a crowded curriculum?

No. Principals love us because we make their very difficult jobs just that little bit easier. We remove all the headaches of running a language program, and make sure you will feel confident having a long-term and sustainable strategy around learning Spanish.

Do you have other services that will complement our choice to learn Spanish?

Yes! We run interactive virtual excursions to Colombia where your students get to experience the streets of Bogota from their classroom. We also run trips to Colombia for both staff and students. Our partner schools also get access to our Going Global initiative, which helps you internationalise your school and turn your students into global citizens. All this will help you feel connected to the country whose language you’ve elected to learn.

Can I witness a lesson with a class of students at my school to see if they enjoy it?

YES! Any class of yours can be nominated to experience a lesson free of charge and we will guarantee your students will be requesting to continue once it’s finished. Please contact us about a demo lesson so we can set it up for a time that suits you best.

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