Students: Today’s visionaries, tomorrow’s everything

Today’s students are the future: our future workforce, future voters, future producers and consumers, future urban planners, future educators, future farmers, future parents, future problem inheritors, future problem solvers - future everything.  They are today's visionaries and tomorrow’s everything. The decisions they make, the realities they... Read more

Our Favourite EdTech Tools

At Meg Languages, our three pillars are; Languages, Culture and Technology. As early adopters of Zoom (well before the Covid-19 pandemic) we pride ourselves on choosing tech tools to support teaching and learning that are easy to use, suited to purpose, which are well designed.  Our... Read more

Vlog: Leading for Global Education, in Schools and Districts

With Ms Carley Goodkind, German High School Teacher and recipient of the 2020 Teacher of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Association of Language Teachers and the 2021-2022 Wisconsin Global Educator of the Year.   Explore the resources referenced in this interview here: Asia Society: What is Global... Read more

Vlog: Digital Storytelling for Global Citizenship

We chat with LeeAnne Lavender about her work in schools with Digital Storytelling and how to support students to use a range of core skills to produce digital content 'for good'. Digital Storytelling is a key part of developing both Global Citizens and Civic Readiness... Read more