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Find out how Meg can help support your IB world language curriculum requirements.

Supporting IB Accreditation: Success Stories

Unlock the potential of your language programs by exploring how Meg Languages has supported IB schools in achieving accreditation. Read our IB Case Study to discover real-world examples of schools, like yours, that have partnered with Meg to fulfill IB language requirements.

How Meg Aligns with the IB Framework

Explore how Meg aligns with IB philosophy, fostering communication skills, cultural knowledge, and global citizenship. Our engaging language programs offer a unique approach, connecting students with authentic learning experiences. Check out our Sample Programme of Inquiry to see the dynamic collaboration between Meg Languages and IB schools.

Explore Meg’s Impact in Facilitating IB Authorization

Curious about our approach to IB language instruction? Take a peek at excerpts from our successful partnership with an IB PYP Candidate School, and how we helped facilitate their journey to IB authorization. Explore valuable insights from the official IB authorization report, highlighting the success achieved in the spring of 2022.

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